i hope you happy that’s all i ever wished if your not try to be happy where every you go who ever your with who ever is your best friend just know that all i ever wanted was you happiness to be priority number 1

Why do i even try its to hard to keep up all i get is crap for what i say or what i do… 

on another subject i hate high school

oh wait that’s the same trying crap

I just high school is full up empty feelings that no one can back up or fill in. We float from friend to friend from class to class everyday getting more and more used to each other and more and more spread apart becoming even more distant from everyone else. Live is just us floating through time, space, people, places never creating a foundation. in theory you are never in the same place or time in the universe ever again we always moving on.

This may sound sad but we never stay with anyone or anything we are always moving at millions of miles per hour around in the space that grows ever bigger just waiting to leave to leave the people we never really knew all the people who give us shit who give us nothing for our kindness.

Life is living only to end suddenly in death

Death is the answer to life 

Life = Death as Ying is the opposing and equal force to Yang

Everyday is just another day closer to leaving the un-exiting life we are each given.

I’m not suicidal but i know that nothing will last no one will care in the end no one really leaves a mark that will mean anything to anyone

we are all just floating waiting for Death

Do you not remember all the memories did you get rid of them throw them away all the great times with pizza and mean girls and all the things that made us who we were. Do you miss me do you even think of me? When i see you or you look toward me i feel like I’m not even there you just look past. What did i do? What made you hate me? What made you go from loving me for who i am to hating everything about me? What is it if you told me i could move on but I’m stuck here confused. I feel like i want you but i don’t but i do but i don’t but what do i feel. Where will we meet again what will you say to me. Will you ever talk to me. Will you even say a word to me. I hate being awkward we used to know each other so well. I still sit and read your letter and maybe cry knowing it was true at one time. But now all of it is fake. I want it all back i want the memories the friendship because what we had was different and worked but i messed it up. I messed up everything i always do. I try to hard i do to much i don’t go far enough i don’t say or do or think the right things. Im stupid i was stupid i gave up on something that was great. I just want to talk or be friends or maybe not hate each other or just be normal again. I miss helping you being their for you being that guy who would do anything for you. But i know i never was it was all just a fake but still… I just miss you in the end…